As a versatile graphic designer, I have collaborated with various companies in creating logos, brand manuals, posters, brochures, videos, holograms, and a wide range of visual projects. My focus is on blending creativity with strategy to deliver impactful and effective results. With a customer-centric approach, I am committed to delivering high-quality work that drives success for each project.



DN | Dietista y Nutricionista





I created this logo specifically designed for a nutritionist committed to health and well-being. The use of green represents the freshness and vitality of natural foods, while red symbolizes the passion and dedicated approach of the professional in enhancing the quality of life for her clients. The color combination highlights the energy and dedication the nutritionist brings to every consultation and meal plan. The chosen typography evokes modernity and confidence, completing the image of an expert in nutrition ready to guide towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This logo becomes the visual gateway to a path towards comprehensive well-being.



I have designed a series of posters for Gacosur gas station, as well as vouchers for our customers.



This video was specifically designed for a special event of the Real Betis football team, as it would be projected as a hologram. My goal was to capture the essence of the team and highlight their passion for football, creating a great experience for the viewers.

This car was also designed for a hologram. I extracted images from various perspectives provided to me and played with opacity and angles to create the exploded view.